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How to Sell your Condo or Townhome for a Top Price


When looking to sell your property, it is very important to take its property type into consideration, as this will likely affect your marketing strategies. The following are some quick and simple tips to sell condos and townhouses that have worked well for me throughout my years of experience in Vancouver’s markets.


Set a Sensible Price

It goes without saying that the sale price you set is extremely important when trying to make a sale. In this case, you should aim for a sensible price for your property. What this means is that you should take into consideration the prices that similar properties have sold for, and the prices of properties in your area. This would provide you with an idea of what your home could sell for.


The general idea is that a lower price may attract more buyers, but you could sell yourself short; a higher price may be more attractive to you, but potential buyers and offers may be hard to come by. Thus, it is important to set a sensible price that takes into account the local markets, and its current trends.


I would be more than happy to provide you with a free home evaluation, and I could also carry out a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) to help you determine a sensible price point for your property.


Avoid Losing Great Offers

It’s a situation that sellers dread: they have received a fantastic offer for their property, but the deal fell through due to an existing property title obstacle (e.g. a builder’s lien), or property-associated debt (e.g. outstanding fees).


When selling your property, it is in your best interest to prepare as much as possible so that the sale process is as smooth as possible. With the correct preparation, you would be able to process the offer you find most attractive in an efficient manner, thus increasing your chances of locking in a great deal for your property.


Stage Your Home Well

Imagine that you’re having some visitors over to your place. Naturally, you would clean and tidy up around your home a little! After all, you want to make your place as inviting and as appealing as possible to make a great impression. This is very similar to what you should do when selling your property.


During open houses and showings, your property should look its best: the first impression is very important. The goal is usually to allow potential buyers to picture themselves living in your property, so remove your personal effects (e.g. family photos), clean, and declutter. Square footage is extremely important for properties such as apartments, so reorganizing your furniture to maximize living space can make a huge difference with respect to how spacious your property seems.


Proper staging of your property can greatly increase its appeal, so make sure not to overlook this detail!


Broaden Your Market to Include Investment Buyers

There are buyers who are looking for a new place to call home, and then there are buyers who are looking for a fantastic investment opportunity. Why not appeal to both? This could increase the number of interested parties, and thus increase your chances of finding that great offer!


Many investment buyers will likely rent out the property once they acquire possession of it, so one thing you could do is to put your unit on the rental waitlist. By being one step ahead, you could make your property just that much more attractive in the eyes of an investor!


Hire an Experienced Real Estate Agent

While you could sell your property on your own, it is recommended that you find an experienced real estate agent. Selling your home could be one of your life’s biggest transactions, so you want to ensure that it is done correctly, and that you get the deal you deserve.


Find an experienced realtor who has an effective and time-tested marketing plan. This includes finding someone who will expertly conduct showings for your home, and who will be able to highlight your property’s features.

Most importantly, you will want to hire a realtor who will work in your best interests for any offers, and who will be able to smoothly handle any potential problems or speedbumps in the process.



While I hope that these few tips and pieces of advice will be of use to you, it is important to realize that every property and every sale is unique. Get in touch with me at 604-889-8609 or by email at faith@oprealty.ca and it would be my pleasure to provide you with a free home evaluation. Read this for an idea of what you can expect from me. Let’s get started on getting you that top price you deserve!