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Happy clients are what really matter

Buying or selling a home can be one of the most important transactions of anyone's life. I always treat every client as unique, and whole-heartedly provide them with the services they need. The following are testimonials from previous clients whom I've had the pleasure of working with. 

To whom it may concern

Re: Real Estate Agent Ms. Faith Zhou Personal Real Estate Corporation

I am writing to show my appreciation for the good service of Ms. Zhou.

She recently assisted to complete the transaction of selling my apartment - Unit 718, 5665 Boundary Road, Vancouver. I am impressed by her diligent attitude, efficiency and professionalism:

  1. She has successfully identified a good potential buyer
  2. She has assisted in liaising for the transaction and negotiating for a good price that is of satisfaction to us as a seller
  3. Despite the buyer's request to complete the transaction in a matter of a few days (i.e. very short time), she has assisted in liaising to complete the transaction in an efficient and effective manner
By writing this letter, I thank Ms. Zhou for her services, and I have no hesitation to recommend Ms. Zhou to any other of my contacts who would be interested in property agency services in Vancouver.
Thank you.

Yours sincerely
Tammy L., 718 - 5665 Boundary Rd

Faith is very professional, I will be recommending her to all my friends. We were very fortunate to choose Faith. We look forward to long-term cooperation with her for our future real estate plans. 

Peng W., 310 - 5665 Boundary Rd


I highly recommend Faith Zhou and Optim Pacific Realty without any reservations. She was able to sell my mother's condo in Vancouver for a record price at the building. I am very happy with the sale amount and her services. Optim Pacific Realty was able to clean and polish my mother's condo to near new condition. Faith's professional approach and her dedication worked extremely well for us.


Tony C., 312 - 4893 Clarendon St


Dear Faith,

We couldn't find any words to express our thanks for selling our house in such a short period of time. Even though we have contacted many realtors, we are fortunate to hire you as our agent. You gave us all the necessary advice and strengths at this critical time of this transaction.

May God bless you with a good future so that many more homeowners will receive your services.

Shan & Bama, Owners of 1461 E 22nd Ave


To Whom It May Concern,

My name is Ynez Gomez and I have used Faith Zhou as my realtor for the past few years. She has helped me buy houses and sell them. She always seems to have the pulse of the market and has always gotten what I have wanted in any buy or sell. She is meticulous, conscientious, detail oriented and diligent.

She works very hard to satisfy her customers and has very effective negotiation skills.

I would recommend Faith Zhou to anyone who wants to buy or sell a home.


M. Ynez Gomez

To Whom It May Concern
Faith Zhou did a great job of selling my house! She did an excellent job and sold the house fast, in a difficult market! She sold the house when the market was extremely low. She explained things well and I would highly recommend her services!

Thank-you Faith.
Dan L., Owner of 3141 E 8th Ave

It is nice to have Faith as our realtor, she is a very professional and reliable personal. Thanks Faith.

Owners of 2961 E 28th Ave

The home buying process can be incredibly stressful and confusing, but Faith was an invaluable resource from beginning to end. She guided my parents through the entire home selling process with great professionalism, from listing to open house to final sale. Thanks to Faith’s extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of the real estate market, my parents were able to sell their home above the asking price on the first weekend after it was listed. Faith also assisted with the purchase of my parents’ new condo, advising them on their options and coordinating all the paperwork and details. It’s because of Faith’s tenacity that my parents found a wonderful new home for less than the asking price. I can’t say enough about Faith’s exceptional service: she’s patient, responsive and hard working. I’m thrilled that my parents had the good fortune to find an agent who works to such a high standard. Thank you Faith!

Marlene D.
Vancouver, BC


觉得Faith 很有责任心,整个销售过程安排得很妥当;

接触过程中,faith  很nice,人很公正中肯不偏私,没有为了赚双倍佣金而卖给自己的客人。

I am very pleased with Faith's service. Her marketing process was very clever and well organized, and because of that, we were able to sell our house thirty thousand dollars above the market price. Through our collaboration, we find Faith is very responsible and the whole selling process went very smooth. We liked how she took a neutral stance and did not sell the house to her own client in order to earn double the commission.

4775 Bruce Street, Vancouver 屋主


Faith 是一位既和善,能幹及很有生意頭腦的樓房地產代理人.她對於做生意的方針,時機,編排,叫價的準成度自有一套很妥善的安排在心裏.她會對準時機一擊即中.以及時間上配合得天衣無縫的處理手法,往往有出人意表的驚訝,很多時成交的樓盤價錢更高過其叫價.我們的房子便是個很好的例証,在開放曰後的第–天便以比叫價高出一萬多元賣出,這真給我們很大的驚喜.跟着十多天後替我們找到一所合心意的平房成交了.

Faith 真是一位女中豪傑,也是大温地區最優秀的房產代理人,在這短短的時間內我亦能從她身上學懂了很多關於房地產的知識.日後若我有親朋戚友要買賣樓房,我一定介紹Faith給他們.



To Whom It May Concern:

Faith is a real estate agent who is not only pleasant, but capable and is very business minded. She has her own plan about the business strategy, timing, schedule and how to give a reasonable offer. She seizes opportunities to attain success with the perfect and timely schedule that would surprise others. There have been many occasions where she sold houses with a firm deal price higher than the asking price. A good example is when she sold our house at the first open house at ten thousand dollars above the market price. That was a real surprise to us. Within around ten days, she found us a pleasant house to buy. 

Faith is a tough woman. She is the best real estate agent in the Greater Vancouver area. I gained a lot of knowledge about the real estate from her within such a short period of time. I will recommend Faith to my friends and relatives if they need to sell or buy a house in the future.

Special thanks to Faith and her team. They provided us with excellent service with and in a very patient manner. Thank you for all you've done for us.

Wish you more successful in your business, good health and have a happy life. 

Lisa and John (2756 Ward St. 屋主)

Faith was really professional and helpful. Our house received multiple offers after

the first viewing and we sold for our full asking price.

Thank you very much Faith for your good work!

J. & J. Tam - Owner of 685 Kaslo St

我們很高興得到周建妃小姐的幫助, 在房屋的第一天開放日, 便成功以我們

要求的價錢賣出。非常感謝她專業, 全心全力的服務態度。



More references upon request....